there are different types of sistema libertad para la disfunción eréctil treatment for erectile dysfunction that offer or provide varying levels of safety. counseling is likely the safest treatment for erectile dysfunction because it does not involve surgery or medicine. however, more standard treatments like prescription medicines may be more effective but less safe because of possible interactions. read below to see the ways to fix erectile dysfunction naturally. one of the safest treatments is seeing or visiting a psychologist or sex therapist. erectile dysfunction can cause tension and relationship problems, and an experienced therapist can help, particularly if tension, anxiousness or depression is the cause. some effective prescription options include viagra, tadalafil and vardenafil. these medications relax the muscles in the erectile organ. however, these are contraindicated for patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes or high/low blood pressure. *** other safe treatments include applying or using a penis pump. this is a relatively safe option since it does not involve surgery or medicines. for men with a testosterone insufficiency, hormone replacement therapy provides a safe alternative. it is a good way to fix erectile dysfunction naturally.
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