the superior raw materials to make chewing gum and health food. At the same time, because of this kind of large earthworm with different color, so it is rare to see in the other parts of the world. It is a wonderful ornamental biological to attract visitors. So this kind of earthworm has special useful value. Government adopted this suggestion. Then, after a few days, on the street stall and shop windows of Colomnard, you can see all kinds of food which was made by the earthworm. Next, the government also decided that the city will hold the grand scale of earthworm culture festival every year, and it includes the earthworm parade, selecting "earthworm king", etc. The "earthworm economy" has attracted many consumers and visitors from many countries, so the food and tourism industry has developed quickly. Now, every year, Colomnard gains the tourism income nearly $500 million depend on the appeal of earthworm each year. The Australian government allocated $1.1 million to jordan 9 for sale found to help Colomnard to build a museum of earthworms. There is a 391 meters in the front of the earthworm air jordan retro 9 museum. Each of the museum exhibition halls were built by the narrow tunnels which the survive environment of earthworm. Why The Lakers Are Going Through a Bad Slump Tim Duncan may be called Ground hog day due to his ability to remain so consistent day in and day out. However, I think that nickname should also be assosciated with the Lakers. It seems that every year since getting Pau Gasol, the Lakers have gone through a bad flunk. Granted, they always get out of it in time for the playoffs or sometimes during the playoffs. I have come up with several reasons why this happens every year: First, the Lakers become too reliant on Kobe. Kobe is more than capable of winning a.