Summer wear jeans to sweat how to deal with? 1, a pair true religion jeans of jeans the best cleaning time for 6-12 months , In fact, great harm on the jeans to wear jeans week or sweat a little (stolen) into the washing machine to wash, to do so long-term kind of shape to make your jeans out of shape Oh, true religion jeans will not wear Post car comfortable and beautiful leg type. The correct method should be cleaned once as far as possible 6-12 months, if the summer sweating a lot, you can own jeans hanging well ventilated place, spray some water and true religion sale let it wind dried the sweat is not on such a pair of jeans will; jeans glue some clean stuff you sprayed in place of the stolen water, and then gently summarized out the stolen stuff, then ibid hung in well ventilated place, let it air-dry fine it! 2, the first clean true religion store Do not dry clean or machine wash. We must have the impression: jeans after washing dried out, hard reason you use detergent, but also one of the reasons is denim with a layer of plastic. Therefore, the first cleaning so as not to wash or dry-cleaning machine, it is best to wear on his body clean, so washing the jeans, the jeans will be more in line with his leg type, wear out the effect will be more Ay. After cleaning, or get up article as it is mounted in a ventilated place, let it air-dry. 3, a pair of jeans in the wash must have to do some color retention treatment. Jeans in the wash must have to do some basic color retention treatment, or jeans will soon be washed. Color retention in fact, easy handling and before washing the jeans dip on the water basin, and then put two tablespoons of white vinegar and soak for about half an hour, so jeans fade would not be so serious, do not believe you can try Oh.