Nike Lunar force 1 mens shoes, the web site of the shoe of the benchmark on the. It is the forum on the results of this shoe, in fact in the final analysis it is the share of its views. Nike Air Force 1 mens shoes have a variety of colors, all-white color scheme, all-black color scheme is sales is very high in the shoe. This colorway of the shoe the most significant characteristic is that it's with a more simple. For boys, is in itself does not want to think too much with questions, in which they can be called 100 to ground.  Some people think that white might not get dirty, and they will choose the black color of the shoes. No matter what, in fact, they are in the material is the same. Nike lunar force 1 to use lunar as the material it has enhanced the buffering effect. and air compared to this shoe feel more hard air. But it would still have a soft feel, or that it's flexible.  Nike Air shoes and in fact most of them are air-cushion shoes, this shoe is a direct lunar cushioning gel completely replaced the air cushion, the low-technology changes more than just the comfort, It is also the lunar Air Force 1 weight has been greatly reduced. This bold design for shoe fans this shoe is very much looking forward. The basketball shoes in the high-end series shoes, shoe wear, very good, and this shoe with high quality rubber processing, soft and wear resistance are fully guaranteed.  Lunar force 1 the benchmark of course, also from the wearing experience. In summer the shoe breathability is also very good. There are the guys like in the summer, and summer weather itself is hot, good in this shoe breathability does not let your feet are not comfortable. In addition, lunar force 1 assessment results show that it's package is also very good. 
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