Currently a small number of self-made carbon fiber sheets products developed by independent technology have reached the international level of similar products. In recent years, the relevant state ministries and commissions have got carbon fiber sheets technology industrialization as a strategic task. Then some companies have joined the ranks of carbon fiber sheets production. At present, China has Jilin Shenzhou carbon fiber sheets company, Shandong Tiantai New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiaxing, Zhejiang Bao carbon fiber sheets Co., Ltd. , Baoding Swan Chemical Fiber Group , Dalian Xing Branch Carbon Fiber Sheets Co., Ltd. , Shanxi Heng day new textile fiber Technology Co., Ltd. , and other large and small-scale manufacturers , the total annual production capacity is 2310 tons. According to incomplete statistics, there are 11 carbon fiber sheets production enterprises at present, including the proposed and in the construction, the total annual production capacity of raw silk is 7,100 tons, 1,560 tons of carbon fiber sheets, and 4 companies are in the construction, the total annual production capacity of raw silk is 1,100 tons and carbon fiber sheets is 470 tons. In 2008, China launched a large aircraft major parts supporting project, including a number of new chemical materials projects such like carbon fiber sheets, with the increased demand for carbon fiber sheets products, many carbon fiber sheets research project or kiloton industrialization projects have started .