For a summer bride, the weather can be quite a downer. Obviously, not in terms of flaunting your sexy curves but definitely for your makeup. With the humidity and the grime, getting the perfect look for all the functions can be quite a task. Tip 1:- When choosing the foundation, remember to pick out only the water-based ones. Tip 2:- Before applying the foundation, it is best advised to apply a healthy dose of primer or illuminator on the skin. Tip 3 :- When choosing your lip colour, make sure that they add freshness to your bridal look. Tip 4:- One of the most prominent features of the face, your eyes deserve special attention. Use minimum amount of eyeliner and mascara during the day. Tip 5:- For the bride getting married in summer, rubbing your face with ice cubes before applying any makeup is suggested. In detailed information makeup artist .