What is CLPI file? CLPI file is a Blu-ray disc clip information associated with a clip AV stream file. A CLPI file stores information such as time stamps and access points for the AV stream file which shows the player from where it should start reading the data from the stream. CLPI file is stored with the name "xxxxx.clpi", where "xxxxx" is a 5-digit number that corresponds to the clip. CLPI files are located within the BDMV/CLIPINF directory on a Blu-ray disc. How to open Blu-ray CLPI file? The easiest way to open a CLPI file is to double-click on it and let your PC decide which default application should open the file. How to convert Blu-ray .m2ts files? Blu-ray STREAM directory contains AV stream files. M2TS is the video file saving video data on Blu-ray disc, and M2TS extension refers to "MPEG-2 Transport Stream." "xxxxx.m2ts"is the video clip, where "xxxxx" is a 5-digit number corresponding to the clip. If you want to enjoy Blu-ray .m2ts with QuickTime or Windows Movie Maker, you should convert m2ts file to MOV, MP4, MPG, AVI, or WMV. Blu-ray M2TS Converter is the ideal application to convert Blu-ray .m2ts files to any needed video formats. Both Windows and Mac versions are offered. Download Blu-ray M2TS Converter for WindowsDownload Blu-ray M2TS Converter for Mac OS X 4 steps to convert Blu-ray .m2ts video files Step 1: Click "BD/DVD" icon, choose the BD drive to load Blu-ray disc movie. Step 2: Unfold Blu-ray movie directory, and select the chapters you need to convert. Step 3: Click on "Format" bar to choose output video format, e.g. Quicktime .MOV. Step 4: Hit "Convert" button to start converting Blu-ray .m2ts to MOV format. Buy Blu-ray M2TS Converter for WindowsBuy Blu-ray M2TS Converter for Mac OS X
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