Canon XF100 including Canon XF Codec and Compact Flash (CF) recording, the XF100 offers some exciting new features of its own. The XF100 supports the highest HD quality with Full HD 1920*1080 resolution, up to a 50Mbps bit rate and 4:2:2 color sampling. It can record with 1080/60i or 720/60p HD MXF. MXF file format is not compatible with many programs. You may have problem to play, edit or use these format on video editing software. So after shooting some .mxf footage from Canon XF100 Camcorder with HD 1080/60i or 720/60p. This high quality is ensured with the capability to record 1920*1080 and 1280*720 HD images at up to 50 Mbps (constant bit rate). And if you are using Avid Media Composer to perform further editing, you will find Avid Media Composer does not work well with the Canon XF100 1080/60i or 720/60p MXF videos. How to import Canon XF100 1080/60i or 720/60p MXF to Avid Media Composer for editing on Mac? While looking for solutions to import Canon XF100 MXF to Avid Media Composer on Mac, I downloaded and tried several converters. Only MXF Video Converter for Mac works for me. I like the batch processing and joining of multiple mxf videos into one file. The editing feature to trim the recorded videos is great, as I can control the content for conversion. For guys who may find it difficult to import and edit Canon XF100 MXF files on Mac, here is the fast guide to merge and convert Canon XF100 MXF to DNxHD MOV for Avid Media Composer. Step 1. Import Canon XF100 MXF files to MXF Video Converter for Mac. Connect Canon MXF camcorder to iMac with USB 2.0 cable, run Canon MXF Video Converter for Mac from as the best Canon MXF to Avid converter on Mac. click the “Add” button to load .mxf videos. This Canon MXF Video Convetrer can convert Canon XF100 mxf export lossless compression video/audio compatible with Avid Media Composer on Mac. Step 2. Choose Avid Media Composer - Avid DNxHD (*.MOV) output format. Click the “Format” option and navigate the mouse cursor to Avid Media Composer > Avid DNxHD 1080p or 720p (*.mov) or as output format. The Mac MXF to Avid Converter will convert MXF to Avid DNxHD MOV with high quality. (Tip: The Avid DNxHD *.mov formats under Quicktime Movie Format output profile are available when your Avid is installed on Mac). You also can choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mov).   Step 3. Merge Canon XF100 MXF files into one. (optional) Tick the checkbox for “Merge into one file”, and the Mac Canon XF100 MXF Video Converter will join and combine the video clips into a single file as output for Avid Media Composer. Step 4. Edit and trim Canon XF100 MXF videos. (optional) Select the file you want to trim and click the “Edit” button, you will face the Edit window with original video and output video preview. You can enter exact time point as the set in and set out for trimming. Step 5. Convert Canon XF100 MXF to DNxHD MOV for Avid Media Composer on Mac. Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Mac Canon MXF video converter will start the conversion from Canon XF100 MXF to DNxHD MOV or MP4 for Avid Media Composer on Mac. Tips: For some Mac users, when editing the MXF videos via the Editor windows of MXF Converter for Mac, the video and sound may go output sync sometimes, making it somewhat difficult to find the trim location. But the output videos would play without sync problem after conversion. You also can choose Apple ProRes for Final Cut Pro 6,7 and FCP X. Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) compatible with Final Cut Express, iMovie, FCE 4, Quicktime Player to import the HD videos on Mac without compatibility issue. And Upload to Youtube or Burn to DVD for sharing.
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