corrosion resistant wpc floor the main features and complex equipment in the above production process is used in general machinery equipment, such as high speed mixer,clearance wpc fence moisture resistance grinder, dryer, mixing machine, pressing machine, mold, and equipment for the production of wood-plastic composites are used in extrusion molding .since most of the powder was added to the wood fibers, wood flour and fluffy structure easy extruder screw feeders, while between the plastic matrix and the filler and can not form an ideal mixture and uniformly added into the extruder so often during the addition a "bridge" and "pole" phenomenon. especially when wood flour contains more moisture, this phenomenon is even more pronounced.composite floor supplier easy maintenance feeding instability is not only a direct result of low yields extrusion, extrusion also makes volatility, resulting in extrusion quality. and because the feed interruption, the material in the machine barrel residence time cause discoloration of charred material, affecting the product's inherent quality and appearance. it is necessary to feed and processing mode for the quantity of strict control, the general forced feeding device, and feed the hungry, to ensure the stability of the extrusion. because the flour contains a large number of small molecules of water and volatile substances,composite plastic timbers flexural strength and they can easily bring products to defect, but they can not be completely removed before processing them. so wpc extruder exhaust system is designed to give than ordinary plastic extruder key problem description the key issue is that the wpc interface compatibility between the two materials, with the mechanics in order to increase the compatibility of composite material, *** *** ***
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