Sony apparently agrees as they decided to release the Sony HDR-TD30V, which is a lot like the model it intends to replace – the HDR-TD20V. People loved the compact form factor of the HDR-TD20V so Sony didn’t make any changes or improvements to the design. The Sony HDR-TD30V gives you what you expect from a Sony brand camcorder, shoots video in full high definition 1080p, and at 60 fps. Both specs are on par with some of the best HD camcorders we reviewed, and they ensure outstanding quality for your video recording. As mentioned above, the video format of the Sony HDR-TD30V is 1920×1080 Full HD 24p/60p AVCHD which can help the users to keep the best quality of the videos they captured with less size. However, while the users enjoy the videos they capture, they will be frustrated with the error message while trying to impot the Sony HDR-TD30V AVCHD to Premiere CS5 or CS6. As far as we know, owing to the video codec and computer operating environment, AVCHD is hardly supported by Premiere. The most compatible video codec for Premiere Pro CS5  and CS6 editing is  H.264, thus the easiest way to make Sony HDR-TD30V MTS be supported by Premiere is to find a professional third party program to transcode the videos first before importing toPremiere supported H.264 MOV. Here Aovsoft Sony HDR-TD30V AVCHD Converter Mac is highly recommended to you which can help you to convert the AVCHD videos from Sony HDR-TD30V without quality loss.Free Download Sony AVCHD Video Converter for Mac Guide: Transcoding Sony HDR-TD30V AVCHD videos to H.264 MOV for Premiere CS5/CS6Step 1: Install and launch the Sony MTS Converter on Mac and load the AVCHD files to it. Step 2: Choose Premiere Pro friendly format. You can click “Format” bar to select “Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas”, then, choose “MOV(AVC) (*.mov)”. Step 3: Click the “Settings” icon to make the best settings for editing Sony MTS/M2TS in Premiere CS5/CS6 on Mac. Step 4: Start the AVCHD to ProRes conversion for Premiere on Mac by clicking the “Convert” button. After the conversion, you will be able to get the output files compatible with Premiere CS5/CS6 effortlessly. Now you can import and edit Sony HDR-TD30V AVCHD files in Premiere CS5/CS6 smoothly. Userful Tip: This Sony HDR-TD30V MTS Converter Mac is preset many output formats for the users to edit and play, such as edit HDR-TD30V video in FCP X/FCE/iMovie/Avid and so on. Just download and have a try!
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