The modern golf swing with the focus on a rotational swing has caused many a golfer to suffer from lower back pain. The stress caused on the lower back with this type of golf instruction has resulted in many golfers simply giving up or worse suffering back pain for their golfing life. Rehab for golfers suffering from back pain normally comes in the form of stretching, massage and gym work outs. Strengthening your core muscles increases your bodies ability to reduce harm to your lower back. Your core is used to provide stability in your set up and retain balance throughout your swing with r11s driver . Whilst this is a good fix for some, the REAL problem or the cause still remains. Mike Austin a master in Kinesiology understood the bio mechanics of the golf swing better than most. He knew every muscle and joint in the body and their role in making the perfect golf swing with r11s driver. He spent 70 years of his life teaching and demonstrating his golf swing instruction. He is known world wide for driving the golf ball 515 yards at the age of 64. Even in his 70's Mike Austin was driving the ball over 300 yards. When the body is used in the correct way the golfer is able to swing as hard as they want without any FEAR of pain. We use our hips in a lateral movement from left to right on the upswing and a lateral movement from right to left on the downswing with taylormade r11s driver . The use of the hips this way allows the body to move with out causing any pain as rotational movement is limited. So basically your hips work in a side to side motion NOT a turning motion. The hips are turned in the backswing by your shoulders and turned in the downswing by your right knee. We release the club head from the top of our swing with taylormade r11s driver and use the right knee for directional control. The use of the right knee actually takes away any stress on your lower back. I have worked with golfers who have been able to overcome their back pain by using the swing method developed by Mike Austin and Dan Shauger. We have the tools available to help you restore your golf game so that you can start enjoying golf without the fear of back pain.
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