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Import iTunes movie & TV shows to Windows Media Player for playing

Utworzony przez Gość, 3 maja 2016 o 08:12
Outline: This article is dedicated to resolve the problem of how to transfer the iTunes movies to Windows Media Player for playing on Windows computer.   Source: Play iTunes movie on Windows Media Player   Once you buy songs or video from iTunes Store, you really get DRM protected content, which you will not be able to play on your own media players and other non-Apple mobile players. You can not directly transfer the iTunes files to Windows Media Player either. This file copyright protection technology is called DRM. Usually, iTunes downloaded files come with the DRM protection in M4A/M4P/M4B/M4V formats etc, while Windows Media Player only supports .wma, .mp3 audio and .wmv, .avi ,.mp4 video. This is why we can't transfer downloaded video or songs files from iTunes to Windows Media Player directly.   In order to transfer iTunes to Windows Media Player we need remove DRM protection from those songs and convert to Windows Media Player supported media formats such as WMV/MP4/AVI:
  • WMV - Windows Media Video, it's a official video container formats for WMP.
  • MP4 - MPEG-4 video, the most universal video format compatible with any devices and media players.
  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave, introduced by Microsoft, supported well by WMP.
Here I would recommend DRM Media Converter (Review) which combines both DRM Removal and Media Converter. With the advanced built-in DRM remove technology, it is able to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes videos to unprotected common or HD videos and allows you play the conVerted video files on Windows Media Player or other devices, like Xbox One, Xbox 360, WD TV, Plex, Roku 3, PS4, PS3, Chromecast, XBMC, Panasonic TV, Sony TV, Samsung TV, LG TV as well as all Tablets and Smartphones, any smart TVs, game consoles, HD media players, media servers and other portable devices. It also means you can keep rentals forever easily!   Below is the step-by-step guide on remove iTunes DRM protection legally and convert iTunes videos to Windows Media supported video/audio file.   Download and install it. 100% safe and clean.             Step 1. Launch DRM Converter, load you music files by hitting "Add..." button, You could add one file or a bunch of files. Or you can add files by drag-and-drop.     Step 2. Preview picked files on preview area simply clicking on Play button. You have a number of choices for output file formats from "Audio files to" "Video files to" . I would suggest you choose .MP3 for audio output, .WMV for video output. After that choose the output folder.     Step 3. Finally, just click "Start" button. This DRM Converter will get rid of DRM from iTunes music effectively.   That's it. With simple 3 steps, you get DRM-free iTunes movies and TV shows on your Windows Media Player now and your rentals have no time limitation!   Additional Tips:   1. You will be required to run iTunes and play the source M4V videos in a separated window before the conversion start. The detailed guide showed in the screenshot below:     2. This DRM Media Converter can also be an efficient Video Converter, it can convert both common and protected video and music when you have any video files that is not compatible with your portable devices.   3. For Mac users, you can buy Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, you can download a trial version firstly.   More iTunes Tips:  
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i tried wondershare video converter ultimate for mac but found it doesn't work for itunes drmed movies. so depressed.  i tried to google some more alternatives and found tuneskit drm media converter (****** is really a wonderful itunes movie drm removal tool for itunes users. with tuneskit drm removal tool, i successfully get rid of the drm protection from itunes purchased and even rented movies and tv shows. it helps me convert the drmed m4v videos to common mp4 with original quality preserved. great tool!
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使用drm媒体转换器。这drm media删除可以破解从itunes m4v视频的drm保护(itunes的电影,电视节目和音乐视频),以及wmv和asf视频文件。换句话说,它可以为自由下载或购买从itunes,亚马逊即时视频,windows媒体中心,zune市场,bbc的iplayer,xbox live的商店,utorrent的,和的frostwire更多的电影的限制。drm已被删除后,您可以播放m4v / wmv /任何设备上asf视频。 ******
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drm media converter this drm media removal can crack drm protection from itunes m4v video (itunes movies, tv shows and music videos), as well as wmv and asf video files. in other words, it can free restrictions for movies downloaded or purchased from itunes, amazon instant video, windows media center, zune marketplace, bbc iplayer, xbox live store, utorrent, frostwire and more. after drm has been removed, you can play m4v/wmv/asf videos on any device. ******
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i also know a software called drm media converter which can help you remove the drm protection from itunes movie & tv shows and then transfer the drm-free files to windows media player for playing. the reason why i like it is that it can finish the converting process with fast speed and high conversion speed. it is worth a try. go to ****** and find this pratical tool.
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