Hidden underneath a black, matte finish that looks like it was taken off a stealth fighter, Ping i20 Driver , the company's latest proposal for a richer players, carried out using three different materials. The body is cast from titanium alloy that has been infused with aluminum to lighten. Ping engineers shifted the weight saved by blending aluminum and titanium together and moved it into two tungsten pads in the back of the sole. discount golf clubs Marty Jertson, Senior Engineer Ping Golf in the project, he says, shifting the burden of these areas helps to improve moment of inertia clubs and make it more resistant to twisting on off-center hits. These blocks can move more weight overall weight of the head away from the face, which helps to create a greater angle to the initial start-up. Ping also said that the club produces less spin than its predecessor, I15. While the Ping i20 Driver offers 460-CC head Jertson says that the club is more aerodynamic than the I15, which should mean more power for the golfers tee off. "With the same amount of energy, the same amount of input, you are able to get more speed from the head of the club," Jertson says. This clubhead speed should translate directly into greater ball speed and longer shots. golf clubs for sale While the Ping i20 driver is not regulated, as many drivers on the market today, golfers who like to maneuver the ball around the course, you should appreciate the neutral weighting and square face at address. Whether you prefer to hit a draw or fade clubhead would not fight. As you would expect in driver for giants, Ping i20 Driver is only available in three lofts-8, 5 °, 9.5 ° to 10.5 °. It comes standard with either a low spinning Ping TFC 707D shaft or Project X Black shaft.
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