Will iTunes be available on Microsoft Surface Pro? The releasement of Surface RT & Pro has showed the determination that Microsoft longed to go into the mobile internet field, but these two tablets haven't gained enough users after announcement - if compared to the number of Android tablets and iPad. At the same time, Microsoft said users shouldn't expect a version of Apple's iTunes that's been specialized for Windows 8's new Metro interface "anytime soon." Though if you've been paying attention to the battle between the two companies, it should come as no surprise that Apple's dragging its feet. So, you can't use the iTunes on Windows tablet including Surface Pro. How to play iTunes movies on Surface Pro? As we have mentioned above, iTunes can't be used on Surface Pro for the moment. But how can we manage to enjoy movies, TV shows and music on Surface Pro that stored in iTunes library? Can those movies and music files be exported and transferred to Surface Pro? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Media contents which are sold on iTunes store have DRM protections which prevent you from copying or transferring the DRM protected contents to other devices except Apple's devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. So, if you have bought a Surface Pro runs Windows 8 OS, it may be a trouble for you to play iTunes movie on Surface Pro. Then, you will realize the reason why we need to remove DRM. To resolve this problem and enable Surface Pro play iTunes DRM M4V videos, you need to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos for personal usage. iTunes to Surface Pro Converter is recommended as the best DRM removal tool on PC which aims to help us to get gid of DRM and unlock & covnert iTunes M4V videos into DRM free video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, and etc for smoothly playing on Surface Pro. Tutorial: How to Convert DRM M4V for Surface Pro on Mac Step 1:聽聽Import M4V video resources from iTunes iTunes Vdieo Converter for Windows tablet is able to crack the DRM protection from both purchased and rented video files from iTunes and convert the them to common formats for Surface Pro. Launch the program and click Add button to import the video resources from iTunes library. Step 2: Choose suitable output format To convert iTunes DRM M4V to Surface Pro, you are suggested to choose Customized MP4 video option from the output profile list. You need adjust the video and audio parameters according to the specs of Surface Pro before converting DRM M4V to Surface Pro MP4 video. Recommended settings: Video Size: 1920*1080, Video Bitrate: 2000k-4000k. Step 3: Start to Convert iTunes M4V to Surface Pro MP4 After all the profile settings have been done, you need to click the convert button and enter the converting interface. You can set the output path where you prefer to put the converted MP4 files. Then click the start button and the iTunes M4V to Surface Pro MP4 conversion will immediately start. After the conversion finished, you can copy or transfer the converted MP4 videos to Surface Pro and play them whenever you want. How to get iTunes on Windows tablet? How to play iTunes movie on Windows tablet? Playing iTunes movies/music on Windows tablet Play iTunes movies on Surface Pro Windows tablet
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