Play/put/watch Digital Copies movies on Nook HD/HD+ Guide Link : Generally, Digital copies are bundled with Blu-ray DVD discs, these files are allowed to transferred to your computer for backing up. Apart from this, most movies purchased from online stores also are digital copies. Digital Copy is a fast and easy way to enjoy your favorite movies, anytime, anywhere on your PC, Mac, or compatible portable device. However, the Nook HD/HD+ aren’t listed compatible portable devices. It’s impossible to watch digital copy movies on Nook HD/HD+ unless with the help of a 3rd party DRM removal. As we all know, digital copy movies are encrypted by DRM protection, which prevents us streaming the movies freely. Therefore, we should get rid of DRM restriction at first, and then, make the DRM-free video files compatibled well with Nook HD/HD+. The following article will give you the full information you need to transfer digital copy movies to Nook HD/HD+. Requirements: 1. Transfer digital copy to computer. 2. Get DRM removal tool installed on your Computer: Nook HD Digital Copy Converter Product Link: 15% Off Coupon Code : NEW-41V7-IPAD Now, you are ready to convert digital copy movies to Android tablet (Nook HD/HD+). Follow the guide Step by Step. Step 1. Launch the Aovosft digital copy to Nook HD/HD+ converter. Click “Add video” button to import digital copy files. Step 2. Choose video format for Nook. The Nook HD preset is recommended for you. You can easily find it in “Common Video”. Step 3. Start transcoding digital copy movies to Nook HD/HD+ by clicking on “Convert” button. Notes: 1. This program can convert unplayable files (damaged, unauthorized, etc.). 2. The DRM removing process may mislead your anti-virus software to falsely report virus/worm. Please ignore the report to keep on converting DRM video. 3. When converting digital copy movie from iTunes library, you need to set iTunes not to remember playback position. Finally, when the conversion task is done, transfer the converted video file to Nook HD or HD+. If you have any issues, you may refer to the post on how to transfer files to Nook HD/HD+. Hope my article is really useful for you to play digital copy movies on Nook HD or HD+. Guide Link : Related posts:
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