if the muscles have not been trained to work in a specific sequence, with minimal tension and maximum power, the expected results will not be achieved. What are the important muscles involved in the golf swing? There isn't one or two of them. The body moves sequentially throughout the golf swing. But through research and years of training, I can say without a doubt that the muscles of your core are the most important. The rest of the muscle groups are supportive to the golf swing with cheap golf clubs, which doesn't mean they are any less important, just not as critical to improving power and consistency. Let's briefly break down your main golf swing muscles and their role in the golf swing. Shoulders: Support the golf at the top of the swing with cheap golf clubs and also add club head speed as an extension of the core. Upper Back: Maintenance of spine angle for ease of turning on backswing and follow through. Lower Back: Critical in maintaining of golf posture during the swing and even putting. Glutes: Helps maintain flex in hips and also athletic, "golf squat" position for a powerful swing base. Quadriceps: Allows for ease of maintaining consistent knee flex and golf posture for a repeatable swing. Hamstrings: The KEY muscle group in producing an effective, optimal and repeatable golf posture for eighteen holes. Core: The engine to the golf swing with cheap golf clubs produces maximum power from the pivot. Stored energy from the torque created on the backswing, to unleash into impact. This is a very brief overview of your golf swing muscles. As you can see, if these muscles don't have a higher level of both strength and flexibility, they will not allow you to achieve your true golf potential.
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