Almost every golfer on the planet has at some time or another felt their lower back “tighten” up on the course, after a round, or even getting out of bed. Why is this so? The reason for the high number of lower back injuries in the sport of golf is a result of the golf swing itself! The golf swing with taylormade r11s driver is a rotational movement. It requires you to rotate around a fixed spine. The lower back takes the brunt of the pressure of the twisting and turning. The amount of shear forces created in the amateur’s golf swing was exponentially higher than the professional. Professionals have a much more efficient golf swing, lowering the shear forces placed upon the lower back compared to the typical amateur. The second category refers to the physical aspect of the golf swing. The lower back is used extensively in order to swing the golf club which from r11s driver for sale online shop properly. If the lower back is weak, over time it will become fatigued. Once the muscles of the lower back become fatigued, the ability to swing the club with the same force becomes much more difficult. Additionally, once the lower back is tired, and you continue to perform the movements of the golf swing. The lower back will become sore and eventually you will injure it. The final reason golfers tend to have many lower back injuries is workloads. A lower back injury can incur if the workloads for any golfer become too high. Regardless of the efficiency within the golf swing with taylormade r11s driver or the strength of the lower back, too high of a workload will lead to injury. For example, in you were to go to the range and execute 1,000 swings of the golf club in a 3-hour time frame. The likelihood of a lower back injury is very high. Why? Because the workloads are too high within the give time fame for any golfer! The key in regards to workloads is to match up the efficiency of your golf swing with clubs from r11s driver for sale online store and the strength within the lower back. If you have poor golf swing mechanics and a weak lower back, your workloads should be very low. If you have moderately efficient golf swing mechanics and a fairly strong lower back. The workloads can be higher.
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