Every athlete in any sport MUST warm up if they truly want to see a difference in their performance. One of the most ballistic movements in sport is that of swinging club. Before you even think about picking up a club and swinging you better be warm. Performing this movement cold is asking for trouble. It may not happen today or tomorrow but a back or shoulder injury is in your future if you insist on skipping a thorough warm up. As golfers you are athletes and warming up your body to prepare for the task at hand is crucial for your immediate game as well as the longevity or your golf game with cheap golf clubs . Many of you feel that warming up is for older people or those less fit individuals who may have bad backs. Stop and think why they have bad backs. A proper warm up can simply be 5 minutes of light cardio (jog) followed by several full body dynamic warm up moves such as an active figure 4 and inch worm. The next time you head out to the range or course for a round be sure to arrive early and warm up those muscles, it will make a big difference in your game.
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