Top 5 Blu-ray Rippers - 2013 1: Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (Here, 56% Off !) 2: Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper 3: Lewo Blu-ray Ripper 4: Xili Blu-rau Ripper 5: Aimersoft Why do we do reviews for these Bluray Rippers We're a young group who likes collecting Blu-rays. When the blu-ray comes out, we're impressed by this High Definition format. Then we becomes the bluray movie collectors. We bought a lot of movies we loved on bluray. To avoid these original bluray discs being scratched, we need a bluray ripper to help us convert them to mp4 format, so that we can appreciate the HD movies on our Apple TV without the original bluray. We searched on the internet and found a lot of bluray rippers. We tried them one by one, but found most of them didn't do as they advertised. Some of them can't remove BD+ protection at all, it must depend on the third party decryption tool. However, even they can't decrypt BD+ protection, the software isn't cheap. We don't think, the programs are worthy the money. In our opinion, the most important feature of a bluray ripper is that it can remove both AACS and BD+ Protection. Or else we need two programs to finish this job. So we continue looking for the bluray ripper which can do both the two jobs. Finally, we found serveral ones. Certainly, we spend a lot of time on this project. And we know this isn't an easy job to find a good blu-ray rippper software with fair price. So we want to share our experience and findings with you. One can save your time, the other can give you objective suggestion to help you get a decent bluray ripper software. We've tried a lot of bluray rippers, now, we only offer reviews for the top 5 bluray rippers , we'll add reviews for other bluray rippers later. Of course, we'll update the comparision chart according to our future tests. We believe, when the bluray movies took place of Blu-ray, more and more blu ray ripper software will come out. Then you will have more choices.
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