“Hello, Its been a while since I have used certain program convert iTunes and Digital Copy movies to my Android Tablet… but now after I convert I’m having a problem where the audio is off. you can see lips moving before anyone is talking. its really annoying and impossible to watch. is there anything I can do to fix this?” Guide Link: http://www.cvssoft.com/how-to/transfer-digital-copy-and-itunes-to-android-tablet/ As far as I know, Digital Copy and iTunes movies have DRM copy protection. The DRM protection prevents you from playing legally purchased videos and movies on non-Apple media players. So to watch Digital Copy & iTunes movies on your Android Tablet, you need to remove the DRM protection first. I found a powerful Digital Copy/iTunes to Android tablet Converter named Media Converter which shows good performance. The following contents will share top DRM removal program and offers some tips about how to strip DRM on Digital Copy and iTunes and convert them to MP4 for transferring to Android tablet playback freely. Before conversion you need do some preparations for Digital Copy and iTunes conversion: 1. For Digital copy movie conversion, first of all, transfer Digital Copy to computer in Windows Media (.wmv) or iTunes video format (.m4v). 2. For iTunes movie conversion, set iTunes not to remember position:
  • Launch iTunes, and switch to “Movies” under LIBRARY.
  • Select the videos you would like to convert, right click on them, and select “Get Info”.
  • Switch to “Options” tab, find “Remember position” and select “No” from its drop-down list. Click “OK” to confirm.
And here we go with the DRM removal process. The process is straightforward. Step 1. Run the top Digital Copy/iTunes to Android tablet Converter, drag and drop digital copy or iTunes movie to the software. Step 2. Then select an friendly video format for Android Tablet, e.g. select “Video Files to -> Common Video->MP4 Video (AVC)” for Digital Copy & iTunes to Android Tablet conversion. Basically .mp4 format is an universal format for Android tablets. Step 3. (Optional) – You can click “Settings” to adjust the output parameters as you want. Step 4. Click “Start” button to start. NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP acceleration is perfectly supported by the DRM Converter for Android tablet. After the conversion, you should be able to transfer Digital Copy and iTunes movie to Android tablet  and display movies as you like. Guide Link: http://www.cvssoft.com/how-to/transfer-digital-copy-and-itunes-to-android-tablet/   If you want to play DVD movies and other movies on Android tablet, you can try Video Converter Ultimate or Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. You can get 30% discount.   AVCHD to Apple ProRes Converter, Convert MTS to Apple ProRes, MXF to ProRes Converter, MXF to Apple ProRes, MP4 to Apple ProRes
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