Suzuki is offering a new 60-hp four-stroke outboard that is smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient than last year model. The Suzuki DF60 is an inline three-cylinder unit with four valves per cylinder. The engine tips the scales at 229 pounds, a remarkable 130 pounds (or 36 percent) lighter than the four-cylinder outboard it replaces. The DF60 features dual overhead cams (DOHC), multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection and a 19-amp alternator that puts out more than 11 amps at 1000 rpm. Of special note is Suzuki Lean Burn Control System that saves a bundle on fuel costs when compared to the previous model. Suzuki claims a 38-percent fuel savings at trolling speeds, a 42-percent savings at cruising speeds and a 21-percent savings at high speeds. The engine electronic control module is a 32-bit computer that measures several engine parameters and leans the air-to-fuel ratio for maximum economy and lowest emissions over the entire operating range. The DF60 is compatible with Suzuki digital instrumentation and employs Suzuki self-adjusting timing chain. Like the company more powerful outboards, the DF60 has a tilt limit feature to stop the engine from tilting too far into the splash well to prevent damage to the cowl. Pontoon boats also may benefit from the tilt limit feature. This new outboard is just the latest example of marine technology and engineering at it bestnd a major evolutionary step toward the perfect midrange outboard.   
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