We are all individuals, each unique in our own way, and as we have all discerned over our lifetime, there is more than one way to get the job done, and have a very positive outcome!! This is why I believe that the golf swing is unique to you, and should be taught so that you not only understand the concepts, but can physically perform the swing with the least amount of stress and tension. The two fundamental areas that I stress as my principals, are the grip and alignment with rocketballz irons. Over the years, I have helped many folks through swing problems by focusing on these two areas. Both of these golf fundamentals, when complemented with your inherent qualities, will start you off on the right track, and will fix 90% of your developed problems. The grip first and foremost, is your only connection to the taylormade rbz irons . By gripping the club naturally, according to your physique, the results will be straighter shots. What is a regular, or neutral grip to you, will not be for someone else! Alignment is also affected by inherent qualities. Determining proper alignment can be as simple as placing a straight object, such as a golf shaft, at your feet, that is pointed at the intended target we want the golf ball to go to. Aligning our body parallel to this will help us hit straighter golf shots with rocketballz irons at our intended target. However, if we don't use this visual aide, we will begin to stray from our line due to our dominant eye. Based on which eye is dominant, unique to you, causes a change in the direction we perceive the target to be, and this will begin to develop undesirable swing faults to compensate. Practice will ingrain swing habits with taylormade rbz irons! Good fundamentals practiced and implemented the right way will develop into positive results. Unfortunately, bad fundamentals will lead to frustration and negative results. I don't believe we can teach the same golf swing to everyone. Only you can determine what will work best for you based on your God given talents. In the end, it really doesn't matter how the golf ball gets from the tee to the hole, there are many different ways to achieve this, it's all about you having fun getting there.
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