When fixing a golf slice, you have to figure out what the heck you're doing wrong first. 1) Is your stance out of wack? Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Your right foot should face straight ahead and your left foot should face slightly to the left of straight ahead (if you're golfing lefty, reverse this). Your shoulders should be squared. 2) Is your grip too weak? A weak grip can be a major cause of a nasty gofl slice. When correcting a golf slice with cheap golf clubs , you definitely need to check your grip. If you have a weak grip, try a more neutral grip. Face your left hand toward the target and your right hand away from it. 3) Is your swing the problem? A big cause of slicing the ball with cheap golf clubs is coming across the ball at contact from outside to inside. This puts a nasty slicing spin on the ball and will send it way off to the right. A closed club face coming across the ball, outside to inside, is a nasty recipe for a golf slice.
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