Getting stuck on the downswing One of the most common faults for the average player is when they bring the club back too fast,and without a one piece motion. Your body races ahead of the downswing,then your forced to bring the club out from behind your right side in order to get it unstuck. The key here is to let your arms and chest move back together so that the club will be balanced,and in turn let the taylormade burner plus irons come back to the ball in front of your body. Swing is too upright With high handicappers, even from the start of the backswing their first move is to grab the grip tightly and move it back quickly. Your swing gets really upright at the top and from there, the club tends to get back to the ball from outside your target line and usually without power. Instead,let the burner plus irons move back first, and focusing on making a complete shoulder turn is essential for power. Collapse at the top There are hundreds of teachers out there that say extension is what power is all about. But, if your not careful, extension can create tension in your swing. When extending the mp 59 irons away from you, bring the club straight back from the ball, never flare the club out. This will cause the arms to collapse, making less power and again you slice. My advise is to relax your shoulders and neck at address, and let the mizuno mp 59 irons come back in a one piece motion. At this point, don't be afraid that your wrists will hing as you get to the top. This is very natural, just try to keep your left arm as straight as you can and stay in control.
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