Being able to turn your shoulders further back in relation to your hips during your backswing really depends on how loose and flexible certain muscle groups in your body are. In order to improve your game with taylormade burner plus irons , we are going to go over a few stretching exercises that professional golfers use. First we will want to stretch the back muscles. In particular, the large muscles that run up the sides of your back along with the lower back. To do so, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart with your arms straight up above your head with your palms clasped together. Then you will bend to the right side, slowly, until you can feel a tight stretch. You should feel some tension in your left side, shoulder area and upper back. Hold this position for ten to twenty seconds and then repeat the process on the left side. Repeat both sides five to ten times a day. This exercise with clubs from golf clubs for sale online shop will allow your body to turn back more during your backswing. Each week, try to stretch a little further than the week before. The more you can stretch these muscles over time, the better. Next we want to stretch the hamstrings which will help to increase the power of your swing significantly. Not only will this help increase the power of your swing with burner plus irons , it will reduce the risk of pulling a muscle in the back of your legs. A pulled muscle in that area can keep you off the course for several weeks and we don't want that. For this stretching exercise, you will need to sit on the floor with your legs out in front. Your legs should be at a 60 degree angle from one another. From that position, just bend forward at the waist, nice and slow, until you feel a little tension, but no pain. Hold the position for ten to twenty seconds and return to the upright position. Repeat the process five to ten times a day. Finally we want to help loosen up the muscles in our arms and shoulders by stretching the triceps. To work these muscles, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise one arm up over your head and bend your elbow down as if you were reaching for the center of your back. Then take your other arm, reach over your head, and grab your elbow. Pull down and shift your torso until you feel a good stretching and hold for ten to twenty second and then repeat on the opposite side. Try to increase the distance of your stretch more and more each week.
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