Style Images With Your Android Camera Rather than sharp 5 megapixel images, why not style your camera snaps as the product of a pinhole camera, or perhaps an old Russian moncler women coats camera with washedout colours, emulating the lack of good quality film stock available during the Communist era? Rather than apply the changes manually after you have taken the image, these images do all the work for you. There are two moncler women vests great apps for this kind of photographic fun on Android: FX Camera and RetroCamera. Offering more than just oldstyle images, FX Camera combines a variety of photographic madness into one easily accessible app; simply download and install via the Android Market to enjoy a selection of fun photographic features. Most usefully for anyone interested in creating oldstyle images with their Android camera, however, FX Camera offers a Normal mode, which also includes mono, negative and sepia modes. These can be used to create incredible results, most notably the mono and sepia modes. However it is fair to say that both the ToyCam and the PolAndroid filters can create very interesting effects, as you can see from the accompanying images. moncler men coats Xolaroid 2000 like a Polaroid camera, the Xolaroid 2000 creates an image moncler women jackets finished off with a white frame, with a few interesting oddities in the colour quality. This also features a black white mode. Little Orange Box if you've ever fancied the chance to take photos that resemble those taken in the Soviet Union in the 1970s, this option delivers a high saturation image that should suit. This features a black white mode, an example of which can moncler men vests be seen on the right. The Barbl on the other hand, this option reduces both the colour and the saturation a d presents an image similar to those used by German photographers in the 1950s. Quite amazing results can be achieved with RetroCamera, some of which will recall old photos you might have seen of parents and grandparents. This is certainly one of the best Android camera apps available, and removes the need to apply filters to digital camera images in Photoshop by bringing moncler men jackets the filters into the camera!
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