A golfer can study and practice form until the cows come home and still not see a difference in the final score. If the body isn't conditioned well enough to put the form into place, knowledge simply won't make a difference. This is where stretching exercises for golf can prove as important as style and sometimes even more so vital. Some of the best exercises for golf that can help a player put form into action include: Lower back knee lifts - Making sure the lower back is flexible and ready for movement can have a big impact on game. To properly stretch it out, basic knee lifts can work well with other golf stretches. This involves nothing more than getting on the ground, face up and then gently pulling one knee up toward the chest for a 10 count and then switching sides. A few reps of these stretching exercises for golf can help get the lower back ready for some serious twisting and strain. Camel stretch - This is one of many stretches that can help prepare the upper back for play with taylormade rocketballz irons . Just get down on all fours, extend arms and shoulders forward and arch the back. Hold the arch in place for a 10 count, at least, and then repeat. Glute and hip stretches - These muscles should not be overlooked when doing stretches. A simple workout calls for laying down with the head supported on a pillow. Place the feet on a wall and bend the knees and hips into a 90-degree angle. Cross one leg over the opposite thigh. Then take the opposite hand from the crossed thigh and pull the thigh toward the ground before you play with taylormade rbz irons . Ham pulls - Stretching exercises should also include the hamstrings. An easy way to get in a ham workout is to sit on the floor with the legs straight out. Gently bend the back and arms toward the feet. Grab the feet with both hands until a slight pull is felt in the hams. Hold and then repeat. To stretch out more leg muscles before a round, gently bring out the legs into a V shape and continue to slowly push out.
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