When it comes to having a powerful swing many golfers miss the point. The point is this, it's all about the "impact zone", do what you will, miss the sweat spot and the show is over. You might get away with it from time to time... but if you screw up the club face in the "impact zone", you will never truly break the code to accuracy and distance.   Accuracy and distance is what it's all about, the only way you can unleash the power potential of your swing, is by hitting the "sweet spot" with callaway diablo edge irons. We all know that feeling when you strike the ball and know its "perfect". Wow! what a feeling, especially if your a "golf nut" like me.   These are the shots that keep bringing you back time after time no matter what you end up scoring. So how do you get there? Unfortunately there is no map - because no two swings are the same. What you can do is make "your swing" with diablo edge irons, simple. How, you may ask? By focusing on the fundamentals rather than sweating the details in the aimless pursuit of "perfection".   That's right, quit struggling with the minor leagues and focus on the big picture. The secret code to a "wicked swing" lies in and around "thirty six inches", 18 inches before the ball and 18 inches after. This in effect is known as the "impact zone". This is where your focus should be, and you need the fundamentals to ensure you get the club faceof taylormade rocketbladez irons square at impact.   The fundamentals relate to the "set up". What I want to point out here is this, don't copy other swings, instead get your swing "right for you". We all have different physical capabilities so its silly trying to follow someone else's swing withrocketbladez irons. Instead understand the "impact zone" and simply make it possible to be square at impact. Let your club and your body naturally work together, do not force the club to work for you.   To conclude, the less mental and physical effort you employ, the more power you will unleash in your swing. Let the natural forces of your club and body work together without your head getting in the way. It's like those guy's who robbed the bank, they did it because, "that's where the money is". The true power of the swing is right in the "impact zone".
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