All handmade, one packet need four crocodiles despite waiting a very long time, but really they are not handmade long time. According to statistics, the production time is usually a Kelly is 18-24 hours, while the Birkin is 18-30 hours, at the beginning handmade one package, there are a lot of programs each with a Hermes bag by a craftsman discretionary responsible for the selection from the leather, to cut, to sew, to install the hardware, and finally engraved unique to each coded packet only. . Most birkin are new, but after changing hands this procedure. The package is used with the new package price gap is maintained at 20,000 -3 million. Serves network also said senior appraisers luxury luxury second-hand shop is the best preserved HERMES BIRKIN, 30 and 35 cm as well as bright colors such as orange, pink, purple and black gold buckle and so would be more preservation. Cortex recommend buying TOGO, TC and EPSOM, HERMES's waiting list is 2-3 years under normal circumstances In addition, Hermes birkin bag collection, the risk factor is its mobility, if only to invest, you need to skillfully master the market dynamics, shorter cycle turnaround, or overly indulge in without following the trend will only result in a limited there is no market price situation. And within the seam and the outer seam of the points difference is in the fifth president of Jean Louis Dumas and, traveling encounter arising Herve Leger Zipper Skirt inspired designs. French actress Jane Birkin, a, Birkin bag is a hard pack and soft pack distinction, but the cortex and manufacturing methods issue. 1986 listing of Hermes Birkin bag (Birkin) More Duoaimashi information, please visit blog:  
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