An invention created by the great Leonardo da Vinci in 1533 has become a thing of obsession for hundreds of women for the next 500 years. It was for the future king of ######, Nike High Heels to elevate and beautify her figure. Elevated sandals had been worn for some time, even as far back as the ancient Egypt, where they were worn to show elevated status and prosperity. Before the 18th century high heels were popular with both men and women but it was only at the middle of the century they become the reserve of women, where they evolved to form an iconic image of sex power and modern culture Lorrain Gamman has described high heels as man made objects synonymous with crippling women and slowing down their escape from the clutches of men. Others however agree high heels represent sexual freedom, feminine empowerment and high fashion. Podiatrist Kathy Hitchcox recommends certain types of Nike Air force Heels over others claiming "While very high stiletto heels are terrible for your feet although some kinds of heels are fine. Ultra-high stiletto heels not only force your rear and forefoot into an abnormal angle, but styles with a pointy toe also squeeze the front of your foot into an uncomfortably tiny space" Platform heels and clogs are both designed to lessen the slope of the foot allowing the high heel look without the potential damage to the heel and foot. Early clogs were designed for the high society of Venice where they would be worn to prevent shoes and skirts from dragging on muddy streets. These shoes would commonly be decorated with brocade, leather velvet and precious stones and become the symbol of high society hence the term "well heeled" Hithcox also makes a case for flat shoes and sandals also being as damaging to feet as heels where the shoes are too low offering no support to the foot.resulting in pain in the heel and arch. The use of an insole in this type of shoe can help alleviate the pain and offer the support necessary. The modern heel was created for Dior by Roger Viver who created the Stiletto after the dagger of the same name. The Jordan 6 Ring High Heels helped straighten the legs, lift the buttocks and made one look slimmer. Podiatrist Paul Graig however has described stilettos as "a disaster waiting to happen" and believes although they can look fantastic they can cause a number of problems including corns, calluses, lower back pain, knee discomfort, shin splints, bunions and hip pain. Paul Craig recommends wearing them only when necessary and not for extended periods of time. High heels may be amazing to wear but being aware of the implications of wearing them will help prevent long term foot problems. From:
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