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Four simple Korean brazilian hair weave Fluffy brazilian hair weave is popular

Utworzony przez cao666, 23 września 2013 o 11:13
  The desirable effect is a little messy and fluffy, too pressed modeling has become the retro one.  Different sense can be made by hand, sweetness and elegance are very easy. Girls who like beauty should not miss it.  PART1: lovely head of balls A simple and standard ball is the first choice for sweet and lovely girl. Ball-style ubiquitous on the street is not simply a bun made with elastic approach, so the precious preparation is important. 1. Set aside bangs and hand out a high horsetail, fixed with elastic, should not be too tight. 2. Bundle up the horsetail, fixed malaysian hair weave end with one hand, through the tail in the middle with the other hand to make fleeciness feeling. 3. Winding out ball shape surrounding elastic, fix with a small clamp, and adjust the model with the hand. PART2: elegant horsetail Horsetail could plunge into a different feeling, a little higher will be very capable and agile, the first point is that it will be elegant and dignified, but technique is the key and hairstyle is important for outstanding temperament. 1. Separate bang into 3:7 and tuck into the ear hind to create a graceful and restrained shape and fix with a small clip. 2. Taking out little malaysian curly hair from the top ,comb it to have a fluffy feeling.  3. Hand over curl into a low ponytail and fix it with elastic easily. Do some top adjustment, moss can be used to finalize the design without saddle shape. 4. Take a small curls around the elastic winding and covering elastic, and use a small clip to fix shape.The Author: A staff from DHgate, which is a B2B online trading marketplace for China Wholesale products.
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