Since the state has Ralph Lauren Outlet not issued a mandatory Ralph Lauren Outlet regulations requiring Ralph Lauren Outlet organ allocation by the system, so a lot of information has not been entered into the system organ. According to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Organ Transplant Center of a doctor, a pilot since organ donation, organ donation across the province implemented the basic is not automatically assigned by the computer, and the provincial health department to coordinate the assignment. The doctors said that, in addition, the Health Department did not devote more attention, Jiangsu organ donation has been faced with a difficult bottleneck.Eighty-one Liver Polo Outlet Transplant Hospital Liver Ralph Lauren Outlet Center Dr Lu Lei recalled ray ban outlet last year, Jiangsu Province Health Department coordinated the seventy-eight cases of organ donation, a dozen kidneys, basically deployed to the Provincial People's Hospital. Lu Lei believes that there is no absolute right allocation principles, Provincial People's Hospital of waiting patients indeed most, "so this allocation is not reasonable, but we acquiesced." Shandong province to donate organs, it is the provincial Red Cross uniform assignment. Shandong Province,the Red Cross is toms outlet responsible for organ toms outlet donation work Yangguang Ning told the media presentation of these donor organs are in compliance with established before the "three principles": whoever discovers who should get; proximity principle; Order Guidelines. The Ministry of Health has not yet seen the new regulations Insiders said the Ministry of Health started last year to prepare the file, it will bypass the system, discretionary penalties for organ allocation and sharing of organs from the National Research Center of the news shows, there are currently more than 70 Hospital OPO,  
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