Game players can gain through a variety of (click buy pokemon go accounts) props to themselves, a variety of props to play a different role, props are consumables, can be obtained free of charge treasure can also be purchased the inn will be in stores in the following table: Pokemon Pokemon ball ball capturing pet supplies, 100Pokemon coins 20, 460Pokemon coins 100, 800Pokemon credits 200. Game items (10) Medicine used to treat Pokemon, restore buy pokemon go accounts their health (HP) Red berry vine (Razzberry) When confronted with a wild Pokemon, players can be fed to wild Pokemon red berry vines, this will reduce the difficulty of capturing. Wild Pokemon censer (incense Temptation) wild Pokemon censer (incense temptations) for attracting Pokemon gather around near the trainer, the effective time of 30 minutes. 80Pokemon currency 1, 500Pokemon coins 8, 1250Pokemon credits 25. Tamagotchi Tamagotchi pet may be generated based on buy pokemon go accounts the distance traveled hatch players, such 2km, 4km hatching an egg. Role of the body can take up to nine pet egg. Lucky egg can make buy pokemon go accounts the role so that the experience gained in value within 30 minutes to 2 times. 80Pokemon currency 1, 500Pokemon coins 8, 1250Pokemon credits 25.
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