death-defying death-defying work to make money at the same time should be considered in advance personal safety issues. Otherwise accidents regret. Same time as the drama side, an obligation to ensure personal safety artists. After the accident, how to deal with an issue. We can not assume responsibility for fear rather choose silence, so a departure from the basic principles of life. Like "never fade homeland" play the same side, I believe that the matter is not resolved must be met outside criticism.Hope Nie Xin injury early improvement can only hope to show courage to take responsibility given the right attitude! So only up and down adidas rose 2.0 five thousand years of endless, one of the cradles of world civilization, the rise in the world on the road, not because of the intrusion of foreign powers to stop ahead of the pace of history and reality is bound to cleanse torrent Everything roadblocks stone!what is the path along which have been identified because they are not as we can pass to farmers! ! ! Sound of a crisis in the world economy, the emerging economies dominate stark contrast, No aggression outside the domain of the Chinese nation tradition, but there is no lack of loyalty to resist foreign aggression bone! That day saw the Adidas Crazy Light media reports: "Sources said thousands of vehicles red car storage Beijing, prepared for the Minister of driving change." So he wrote at the Sina microblogging published some impressions: "This is to save youActually, it should be the minister's car to change when the change 'red flag' In the past, with the 'four rings' for Mercedes-Benz, printing legend, gave the minister Mrs. Mercedes replaced enjoyed, I do not know whether this is true. better not such a thing happened. " Later, a reporter interviewed me, I still follow the above mentioned logic of thinking about my views. After the interview,
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