sparked widespread concern in toms outlet society as a whole. under armour outlet Media reports, Nanjing police lululemon outlet escort back to their father and daughter duo of Suqian Sihong's home, while the local government also made a commitment that it will actively help them solve their accounts and difficulties in life. Originally things should come to an end this way, but this seems to have come too early happy, enthusiastic people to reflect, according to Nanjing, the hero of the event once again returned to Nanjing yesterday, the reporter through the multi-looking girl and father did not find traces of ,two still missing. Confirmed: hermes outlet Local police said the louis vuitton outlet two men back again, ray ban outlet according to Nanjing Nanjing North Patrol Battalion staff, and the two had been on July 4 at 10 am arrived home Sihong. At that time, the village girls' father domicile promise, on the one hand will solve the lives of two security issues; On the other hand, they will help her handle accounts, so that as soon as she entered nursery education, to prevent the father and daughter duo embarked begging on the streets of tragedy from happening again. However, after receiving the Nanjing citizens rebellion,reporters immediately tommy hilfiger outlet connect the door Sihong Chen chanel outlet Village Township police michael kors outlet station, the latest situation on the father and daughter make further understanding. Of a police station, said the little girl and his father in the morning of July 5 did appear in the police station for solving procedures accounts, and since they are during operation encountered some difficulties, in the afternoon to leave Sihong re- exhumation Nanjing. According to the police reports, they did not leave when accompanied by staff, penniless,  
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