Makeup makeup, daily life or banquet, the eye shadow is also more and more high frequency, but people can really understand how to match the color eye shadow or very little, if you also find yourself to eye shadow colour collocation also is not very understanding, it would take this good opportunity, small make up also up to you about my eye shadow color techniques, today's content is very to force, quickly to learn! Day makeup: use eye shadow color soft, tie-in concise. Commonly used eye shadow color: light brown, dark brown, blue, gray, violet, coral, rice white, white, with the yellow, and so on. Eye shadow colors: dark brown with warm yellow colour, makeup color light and shade effect is obvious; Shallow brown rice white, neutral, warm, color makeup look is simple; Blue gray with white, colour slants cold, dress color is free from vulgarity; Violet with silvery white, colour slants cold, makeup color to appear and free from vulgarity and charming; Match with the coral color, warm color, makeup look festive and lively color. Dinner makeup: use eye shadow color color is rich, for comparison. Commonly used eye shadow colors: dark brown, light brown, grey, blue, grey, blue, purple, orange, orange red, sunset red, rose red, coral, red, yellow, light yellow, silvery white, silver, with the blue and white, rice white, pearl color, etc. Eye shadow colors: dark brown with light coffee color, orange red, yellow, warm color, color makeup look simple, enthusiastic, energetic; Match blue gray, purple, silver grey, cold color, color of makeup look elegant and free from vulgarity; Blue, purple, rosy, white, color slants cold, makeup color to appear elegant; Dark brown with orange red, yellow, rice white, the color is warm, makeup colors seem happy and gorgeous; With coral and purple, with the blue gray, neutral slants cold, color makeup look elegant. The bride makeup: the application of eye shadow with neuter warm festive color is given priority to, but should also consider the characteristics of the season of makeup and clothing. Commonly used eye shadow colors: brown, blue, maroon, violet, rosy, red, orange, coral, sunset, white, rice white, cream-colored, blue, white, etc. Eye shadow colors: brown with orange red, white, color makeup look happy and generous; Maroon with coral red, with the makeup colors appear happy and charming; Sky blue with sunset, the blue and white, color makeup seem happy and charming soft; With rosy, rice white, blue purple makeup color to appear happy and elegant. Trendy makeup: use eye shadow color is gorgeous, colour collocation to more strongly. Commonly used eye shadow colors: blue, green, yellow, orange and maroon, silver, blue and white, rose red, cherry red, etc. Eye color: blue with orange, silver, warm and lively; Green, light yellow, cherry red, makeup color to appear warm and charming; A maroon with rose, orange, blue and white, color makeup seem warm and elegant; Blue rose red, yellow, silver, color is gorgeous and noble. Cheap Gucci Clothing Louis vuitton Shoes outlet
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