Against Spurs at Old Trafford, Chelsea lacked the Chief Commander of striker Diego Costa. This fact destined after early against Sunderland at the weekend, but Manager Jose Mourinho has dismissed. "We also have Drogba FIFA 15 Coins and Remy. "Portugal said. Today, the answer is finally revealed, in the starting lineup of the candidates he chose Didier Drogba. Didier Drogba with his goals and assists in return for Mourinho's confidence. The 19th minute, Azar left after taking the ball and passed the ball to Didier Drogba inside the area and Drogba the hint, will back the ball to Adjara, Belgium who crosses at the hand, 1-0. After 3 minutes, Academy road, accurate direct, Drogba promptly plugged his ball into the penalty area, at this time, in front of him, leaving only the goalkeeper Buy FIFA 15 Coins keeps one, he's their shot into the upper right corner of the goal. After the goal, Drogba ran to the corner flag, with a passionate sliding on his knees to celebrate. His celebrated, apparently blew the House down. Didier Drogba's last goal at Stamford Bridge, is in late October in Chelsea's Champions League home game against Maribor, at that time, his penalty seems to get people back in the Champions League final 2 years ago; today, that set off the Blues Didier Drogba did return of the passion. Drogba's representatives last Blues starter, was nearly a month ago, Chelsea's Champions League against Maribor. But Tottenham, Mourinho, Drogba Cheap FIFA 15 Coins still be included in the starting line-up. No wonder, for the opponents, monsters all familiar. Summer of 2012 before leaving Chelsea, Drogba in the last 8 meetings with the Spurs, scored 3 goals and 4 assists performance, coupled with today's game, he had scored 4 goals and 5 assists. Despite being 36 years old, but Drogba remains Tottenham's nightmare.  
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