This was extremely well planned; but just as Roland had called up the knowing glance, the suppressed smile, the shrewd intelligent look, which was to ensure his triumph, he encountered the bold, firm, and steady gaze of his brother or sister-page, who, casting on him a falcon glance, and recognizing him at once as the object of his search, walked up with the most unconcerned look, the most free and undaunted composure, and hailed him with You, Sir Holly-top, I would speak with you.The steady coolness and assurance with which these words were uttered, although the voice was the very voice he had heard at the old convent, and although the features air max 90 vt more nearly resembled those of Catharine when seen close than when viewed from a distance, produced, nevertheless, such a confusion in Roland’s mind, that he became uncertain whether he was not still under a mistake from the beginning; the knowing shrewdness which should have animated his visage faded into a sheepish bashfulness, and the half-suppressed but most intelligible smile, became the senseless giggle of one who laughs to cover his own disorder of ideasDo they understand a Scotch tongue in thy country, Holly-top?said this marvellous specimen of metamorphosisI said I would speak with theeWhat is your business with my comrade, my young chick of the game?said Adam Woodcock, willing to step in to his companion’s assistance, though totally at a loss to account for the sudden disappearance of all Roland’s usual smartness and presence of mindNothing to you, my old cock of the perch,replied the gallantgo mind your hawk’s castings. I guess by your bag and your gauntlet that you are squire of the body to a sort of kites.He laughed as he spoke, and the laugh reminded Roland so irresistibly of the hearty fit of risibility, in which Catherine had indulged at his expense when they first met in the old nunnery, that he could scarce help exclaimingCatherine Seyton, by Heavens!He checked the exclamation, however, and only saidI think, sir, we two are not totally strangers to each otherWe must have met in our dreams thensaid the youthand my days are too busy to remember what I think on at nightsOr apparently to remember upon one day those whom you may have seen on the preceding evesaid Roland Graeme. The youth in his turn cast on him a look of some surprise, as he repliedI know no more of what you mean than does the horse I ride on if there be offence in your words, you shall find me ready to take it as any lad in LothianYou know well,said Rolandthough it pleases you to use the language of a stranger, that with you I have no purpose to quarrelLet me do mine errand, then, and be rid of you,said the pageStep hither this way, out of that old air max ltd leathern fist’s hearing.They walked into the recess of the window, which Roland had left upon the youth’s entrance into the apartment. The messenger then turned his back on the company, after casting a hasty and sharp glance around to see if they were observed. Roland did the same, and the page in the purple mantle thus addressed him, taking at the same time from under his cloak a short but beautifully wrought sword, with the hilt and ornaments upon the sheath of silver, massively chased and over-gilded I bring you this weapon from a friend, who gives it you under the solemn condition, that you will not unsheath it until you are commanded by your rightful Sovereign. For your warmth of temper is known, and the presumption with which you intrude yourself into the quarrels of others; and, therefore, this is laid upon you as a penance by those who wish you well, and whose hand will influence your destiny for good or for evil. This is what I was charged to tell you. So if you will give a fair word for a fair sword, and pledge your promise, with hand and glove, good and well; and if not, I will carry back Caliburn to those who sent itAnd may I not ask who these are?said Roland Graeme, admiring at the same time the beauty of the weapon thus offered himMy commission in no way leads me to answer such a question,said he of the purple mantleBut if I am offendedsaid Rolandmay I not draw to defend myselfNot this weapon,answered the sword-bearerbut you have your own at command, and, besides, for what do you wear your poniardFor no good,said Adam Woodcock, who had now approached close to themand that I can witness as well as any oneStand back, fellow,said the messengerthou hast an intrusive curious face, that will come by a buffet if it is found where it has no concernA buffet, my young Master Malapert?said Adam, drawing back, howeverbest keep down fist, or, by Our Lady, buffet will beget buffetBe patient, Adam Woodcock,said Roland Graemeand let me pray you, fair sir, since by such addition you choose for the present to be addressed, may I not barely unsheathe this fair weapon, in pure simplicity of air max 90 desire to know whether so fair a hilt and scabbard are matched with a befitting bladeBy no manner of means,said the messengerat a word, you must take it under the promise that you never draw it until you receive the commands of your lawful Sovereign, or you must leave it aloneUnder that condition, and coming from your friendly hand, I accept of the sword,said Roland, taking it from his handbut credit me, if we are to work together in any weighty emprise, as I am induced to believe, some confidence and openness on your part will be necessary to give the right impulse to my zeal I press for no more at present, it is enough that you understand meI understand you!said the page, exhibiting the appearance of unfeigned surprise in his turnRenounce me if I do! here you stand jiggeting, and sniggling, and looking cunning, as if there were some mighty matter of intrigue and common understanding betwixt you and me, whom you never set your eyes on beforeWhat!said Roland Graemewill you deny that we have met beforeMarry that I will, in any Christian court,said the other pageAnd will you also deny,said Rolandthat it was recommended to us to study each other’s features well, that in whatever disguise the time might impose upon us, each should recognize in the other the secret agent of a mighty work? Do not you remember, that Sister Magdalen and Dame Bridget The messenger here interrupted him, shrugging up his shoulders, with a look of compassionBridget and Magdalen! why, this is madness and dreaming! Hark ye, Master Holly-top, your wits are gone on wool-gathering; comfort yourself with a caudle, and thatch your brain-sick noddle with a woollen night-cap, and so God be with you!As he concluded this polite parting address, Adam Woodcock, who was again seated by the table on which stood the now empty can, said to himWill you drink a cup, young man, in the way of courtesy, now you have done your errand, and listen to a good song?and without waiting for an answer, he commenced his dittyThe Pope, that pagan full of pride, Hath blinded us full lang It is probable that the good wine had made some innovation in the falconer’s brain, otherwise he would have recollected the danger of introducing any thing like political or polemical pleasantry into a public assemblage at a time when men’s minds were in a state of great irritability. To do him justice, he perceived his error, and stopped short so soon as he saw that the word Pope had at once interrupted the separate conversations of the various parties which were assembled in the apartment; and that many began to draw themselves up, bridle, look big, and prepare to take part in air max 1 the impending brawl; while others, more decent and cautious persons, hastily paid down their lawing, and prepared to leave the place ere bad should come to worse. And to worse it was soon likely to come; for no sooner did Woodcock’s ditty reach the ear of the stranger page, than, uplifting his riding-rod, he exclaimedHe who speaks irreverently of the Holy Father of the church in my presence, is the cub of a heretic wolf-bitch, and I will switch him as I would a mongrel-curAnd I will break thy young pate,said Adamif thou darest to lift a finger to me.And then, in defiance of the young Drawcansir’s threats, with a stout heart and dauntless accent, he again uplifted the staveThe Pope, that pagan full of pride. Hath blinded  
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