best composite fence for the main colour of the sitting room is not the main factors of feng shui layout.The life of the pattern and the five elements is the most important of the energy balance of the deal.For example, if the sitting room is located in the southwest of the residence or the northeast direction, application of yellow;If located in the southeast or is the east, and the application of green;Located in the north, and application of blue;Located in the south, application red series;Located in the northwest or the west, and application of white, silver or gold.Recruit sitting room 6 different position relation chart east, green - health foremost position relation with the health of habitant.In this area is placed the lush plants can promote health and longevity of your family.Illicit affair, silver - children are descendants of western relationship, five lines of gold, like the color is white, gold and silver.Metal sculpture, six pillar hollow metal wind chimes, Cheap Price Wpc Fence,Corrosion Resistant Outdoor Deck Suppliers heavy duty composite wood stair hand railing building a wooden fence on brick wall wood polymer composite in thailand
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