Eighth Month and first of the week-- I was this day at Sheffield,a large inland townI was at sundry meetings last week, and feel inwardthankfulness for that divine support which hath been graciously extended to me   On the 9th I was at RushworthI oakley limited sunglass have lately passed through some painfullabour, but have been comforted under a sense of that divine visitation which Ifeel extended towards many young people   Sixteenth of Eighth Month and the first of the week, I was at SettleIt hathof late been a time of inward poverty, under which my mind hath been preservedin a watchful, tender state, feeling for the mind of the Holy Leader, and Ifind peace in the labours I have passed through   On inquiry in many places I find the price of rye about five shillings;wheat, eight shillings per bushel; oatmeal, twelve shillings for a hundred andtwenty pounds; mutton from threepence to fivepence per pound; bacon fromsevenpence to ninepence; cheese from fourpence to sixpence; butter fromeightpence to tenpence; house-rent for a poor man from twenty-five shillings toforty shillings per year, to be paid weekly; wood for fire very scarce anddear; coal in some places two shillings and sixpence per oakley limited editions sunglass hundredweight; butnear the pits not a quarter so muchOh, may the wealthy consider the poor!    The wages of labouring men in several counties toward London at tenpence perday in common business, the employer finds small beer and the labourer findshis own food; but in harvest and hay time wages are about one shilling per day,and the labourer hath all his dietIn some parts of the north of England, poorlabouring men have their food where they work, and appear in common to dorather better than nearer LondonIndustrious women who spin in the factoriesget some fourpence, some fivepence, and so on to six, seven, eight, nine, ortenpence per day, and find their own house-room and dietGreat numbers of poorpeople live chiefly on bread and water in the southern parts of England, aswell as in the northern parts; and there are many poor children not even taughtto readMay those who have abundance lay these things to heart!    Stage-coaches frequently go upwards of one hundred miles in twenty-fourhours; and I have heard Friends say in several places that it is common forhorses to be killed with hard driving, and that many others are driven tillthey grow blindPost-boys pursue their business, each one to his stage, allnight through the winterSome boys who ride long stages suffer greatly inwinter nights, and at several places I have heard of their being frozen todeathSo great is the hurry in the spirit of this world, that in aiming to dobusiness quickly and to gain wealth, the creation at this day doth loudlygroan   As my journey hath been without a horse, I have had several offers of beingassisted on my way in these stage-coaches, but have not been in them; nor haveI had freedom to send letters by these posts in the present way of riding, the stages being so fixed, and one boy dependent on another as to time, and goingat great speed, that in long cold winter nights the poor boys suffer muchIheard in America of the way of these posts, and cautioned Friends in theGeneral Meeting of ministers and elders at Philadelphia, and in the YearlyMeeting of ministers and elders in London, not to send letters to me on anycommon oakley sunglasses outlet uk occasion by postAnd though on this account I may be likely not to hearso often from my family left behind, yet for righteousness' sake I am, throughdivine favour, made content   I have felt great distress of mind since I came on this island, on accountof the members of our Society being mixed with the world in various sorts oftraffic, carried on in impure channelsGreat is the trade to Africa forslaves; and for the loading of these ships a great number of people areemployed in their factories, among whom are many of our SocietyFriends inearly times refused on a religious principle to make or trade in superfluities,of which we have many testimonies on record; but for want of faithfulness,some, whose examples were of note in our Society, gave way, from which otherstook more libertyMembers of our Society worked in superfluities, and boughtand sold them, and thus dimness of sight came over many; at length Friends gotinto the use of some superfluities in dress and in the furniture of theirhouses, which hath spread from less to more, till superfluity of some kinds iscommon among us   In this declining state many look at the example of others and too muchneglect the pure feeling of truthOf late years a deep exercise hath attendedmy mind, that Friends may dig deep, may carefully cast forth the loose matterand get down to the rock, the sure foundation, and there hearken to that divinevoice which gives a clear and certain sound; and I have felt in that which dothnot receive, that, if Friends who have known the truth, keep in that tendernessof heart where all views of outward gain are given up, and their trust is onlyin the Lord, he will graciously lead some to be patterns of deep self-denial inthings relating to trade and handicraft labour; and others who have plenty ofthe treasures of this world will be examples of a plain frugal life, and paywages to such as they may hire, more liberally than is now customary in someplaces   Twenty-third of Eighth Month-- I was this day at Preston Patrick, and had acomfortable meetingI have several times been entertained at the houses ofFriends who had sundry things about them that had the appearance of outwardgreatness, and as I have kept inward, way hath opened for conversation withsuch in private, in which divine goodness hath favoured us together with heart-tendering times   Twenty-sixth of Eighth Month-- Being now at George Crosfield's, in thecounty of Westmoreland, I feel a concern to commit to writing the followinguncommon circumstance: -In a time of sickness, a little more than two years and a half ago, I wasbrought so near the gates of death that I forgot my nameBeing then desirousto know who I was, I saw a mass of matter of a dull gloomy colour between thesouth and the east, and was informed that this mass was human beings in asgreat misery as they could be and live, and that I was mixed with them, andthat henceforth I might not consider myself as a distinct or separate beingInthis state I remained several hoursI then heard a soft melodious voice, morepure and harmonious than any oakley sunglasses outlet I had heard with my ears before; I believed it wasthe voice of an angel who spake to the other angels; the words were, "JohnWoolman is dead" I soon remembered that I was once John Woolman, and beingassured that I was alive in the body, I greatly wondered what that heavenlyvoice could meanI believed beyond doubting that it was the voice of an holyangel, but as yet it was a mystery to me   I was then carried in spirit to the mines where poor oppressed people weredigging rich treasures for those called Christians, and heard them blasphemethe name of Christ, at which I was grieved, for His name to me was preciousIwas then informed that these heathens were told that those who oppressed themwere the followers of Christ, and they said among themselves, "If Christdirected them to use us in this sort, then Christ is a cruel tyrant"All this time the song of the angel remained a mystery; and in the morning,my dear wife and some others coming to my bedside, I asked them if they knewwho I was, and they telling me I was John Woolman, thought I was light-headed,for I told them not what the angel said, nor was I disposed to talk much to anyone, but was very desirous to get so deep that I might understand this mystery   My tongue was often so dry that I could not speak till I had moved it aboutand gathered some moisture, and as I lay still for a time I at length felt adivine power prepare my mouth that I could speak, and I then said, "I amcrucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me   And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son ofGod, who loved me and gave Himself for me" Then the mystery was opened and Iperceived there was joy in heaven over a sinner who had repented, and that thelanguage "John Woolman is dead," meant no more than the death of my own will   My natural understanding now returned as before, and I saw that peoplesetting off their tables with silver vessels at entertainments was oftenstained with worldly glory, and that in the present state of things I shouldtake heed how I fed myself out of such vesselsGoing to our Monthly Meetingsoon after my recovery, I dined at a Friend's house where drink was brought insilver vessels, and not in any otherWanting something to drink  
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