black woman, she's paid her money,she's in her seatJust because she's black, she's asked to get upI mean, sometimes even for me it'shard to believe the white man's arroganceOr I might say, "No one will ever know exactly what emotional ingredient made nike air max heels this relatively trivialincident a fuse for those Montgomery NegroesThere had been centuries of the worst kind ofoutrages against Southern black people-lynchings, rapings, shootings, beatingsBut you know historyhas been triggered by trivial-seeming incidentsOnce a little nobody Indian lawyer was put off a train,and fed up with injustice, he twisted a knot in the British Lion's tailHis name was MahatmaGandhiOr I might copy a trick I had seen lawyers use, both in life and on televisionIt was a way that lawyerswould slip in before a jury something otherwise inadmissable(Sometimes I think I really might havemade it as a lawyer, as I once told that eighth-grade teacher in Mason, Michigan, I wanted to be, whenhe advised me to become a carpenter) I would slide right over the reporter's question to drop into hislap a logical-extension hot potato for himWell, sir, I see the same boycott reasoning for Negroes asked to join the Army, Navy, and Air ForceWhy should we go off to die somewhere to preserve a so-called 'democracy' that gives a whiteimmigrant of one day more than it gives the black man with four hundred years of slaving andserving in this countryWhites would prefer fifty local boycotts to having 22 million Negroes start thinking about what I hadjust saidI don't have to tell you that it never got printed the way I said itIt would be turned insideout if it got printed at allAnd I could detect when the white reporters had gotten their heads together;they quit asking me certain questionsIf I had developed a good point, though, I'd bait a hook to get it said when I went on radio ortelevisionI'd seem to slip and mention some recent so-called civil rights "advance You know, wheresome giant industry had hired ten showpiece cheap jordan heels Negroes; some restaurant chain had begun making moremoney by serving Negroes; some Southern university had enrolled a black freshman withoutbayonets-like thatWhen I "slipped," the program host would leap on that baitAhhhIndeed, MrMalcolm X-you can't deny that's an advance for your raceI'd jerk the pole thenI can't turn around without hearing about some 'civil rights advance'Whitepeople seem to think the black man ought to be shouting 'hallelujah'Four hundred years the whiteman has had his foot-long knife in the black man's back-and now the white man starts to wiggle theknife out, maybe six inchesThe black man's supposed to be grateful? Why, if the white man jerkedthe knife out, it's still going to leave a scarSimilarly, just let some mayor or some city council somewhere boast of having "no Negro problemThat would get off the newsroom teletypes and it would soon be jammed right in my faceI'd say theydidn't need to tell me where this was, because I knew that all it meant was that relatively very fewNegroes were living thereThat's true the world over, you knowTake "democratic" England-when100,000 black West Indians got there, England stopped the black migrationFinland welcomed aNegro U.SAmbassadorWell, let enough Negroes follow him to FinlandOr in Russia, whenKhrushchev was in power, he threatened to cancel the visas of black African students whose antidiscrimination demonstration said to the world, "Russia, tooThe Deep South white press generally blacked me outBut they front-paged what I felt aboutNorthern white and black Freedom Riders going South to "demonstrate I called it "ridiculous";their own Northern ghettoes, right at home, had enough rats and roaches to kill to keep all of theFreedom Riders busyI said that ultra-liberal New York had more integration problems thanMississippiIf the Northern Freedom Riders wanted more to do, they could work on the roots of suchghetto evils as the little children out in the streets at midnight, with apartment keys on strings aroundtheir necks to let themselves in, and their mothers and fathers drunk, drug addicts, thieves,prostitutesOr the Northern Freedom Riders could light some fires under Northern city halls, unions, and major industries to give more jobs to Negroes to remove so many of them from the relief andwelfare rolls, which cheap nike high heels created laziness, and which deteriorated the ghettoes into steadily worse placesfor humans to liveIt was all-it is all-the absolute truth; but what did I want to say it for? Snakescouldn't have turned on me faster than the liberalYes, I will pull off that liberal's halo that he spends such efforts cultivatingThe North's liberals havebeen for so long pointing accusing fingers at the South and getting away with it that they have fitswhen they are exposed as the world's worst hypocritesI believe my own life mirrors this hypocrisyI know nothing about the SouthI am a creation of theNorthern white man and of his hypocritical attitude toward the NegroThe white Southerner was always given his due by MrMuhammadThe white Southerner, you cansay one thing-he is honestHe bares his teeth to the black man; he tells the black man, to his face, thatSouthern whites never will accept phony "integration The Southern white goes further, to tell theblack man that he means to fight him every inch of the way-against even the so-called "tokenism Theadvantage of this is the Southern black man never has been under any illusions about the oppositionhe is dealing withYou can say for many Southern white people that, individually, they have been paternalisticallyhelpful to many individual NegroesBut the Northern white man, he grins with his teeth, and hismouth has always been full of tricks and lies of "equality" and "integration When one day all overAmerica, a black hand touched the white man's shoulder, and the white man turned, and there stoodthe Negro saying "Me, too why, that Northern liberal shrank from that black man with as muchguilt and dread as any Southern white manActually, America's most dangerous and threatening black man is the one who has been kept sealedup by the Northerner in the black ghettoes-the Northern white power structure's system to keeptalking democracy air max heels while keeping the black man out of sight somewhere, around the comerThe word "integration" was invented by a Northern liberalThe word has no real meaningI ask you: in the racial sense in which it's used so much today, whatever "integration" is supposed to mean, can itprecisely be defined? The truth is that "integration" is an image, it's a foxy Northern liberal'ssmokescreen that confuses the true wants of the American black manHere in these fifty racist andneo-racist states of North America, this word "integration" has millions of white people confused, andangry, believing wrongly that the black masses want to live mixed up with the white manThat is thecase only with the relative handful of these "integration"-mad NegroesI'm talking about these "token-integrated" Negroes who flee from their poor, downtrodden blackbrothers-from their own self-hate, which is what they're really trying to escapeI'm talking about theseNegroes you will see who can't get enough of nuzzling up to the white manThese "chosen few"Negroes are more white-minded, more anti-black, than even the white man isHuman rightsRespect as human beingsThat's what America's black masses cheap nike heels wantThat's the trueproblemThe black masses want not to be shrunk from as though they are plague-riddenThey wantnot to be walled up in slums, in the ghettoes, like animalsThey want to live in an open, free societywhere they can walk with their heads up, like men, and womenFew white people realize that many black people today dislike and avoid spending any more timethan they must around white peopleThis "integration" image, as it is popularly interpreted, hasmillions of vain, self-exalted white people convinced that black people want to sleep in bed with them-and that's a lieOr you can't tell the average white man that the Negro man's prime desire isn't tohave a white woman-another lieLike a black brother recently observed to me, "Look, you ever smellone of them wetThe black masses prefer the company of their own kindWhy, even these fancy, bourgeois Negroes-when they get back home from the fancy "integrated" cocktail parties, what do they do but kick offtheir shoes and talk about those white liberals they just left as if the liberals were dogsAnd the whiteliberals probably do the very same thingI can't be sure about the whites, I am never around them inprivate-but the bourgeois Negroes know I'm not lyingI'm telling it like it isYou never have to worry about me biting my tongue if something I know astruth is on my mindRaw, naked truth exchanged between the black man and the white man is what awhole lot more of is needed in this country-to clear the air of the racial mirages, clich 俿, and lies thatthis  
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