adventures (she thought as she made sure Therru was with Heather, and set off into town), but of common people doing common things, such as marrying, and bringing up children, and farming, and sewing, and doing the washShe thought this with a kind of vengefulness, as if she were thinking it at Ged, now no doubt halfway to Middle ValleyShe imagined him on the road, near the dell where she and Therru had sleptShe imagined the slight, ashen-haired nike dunk heels man going along alone and silently, with half a loaf of the witch's bread in his pocket, and a load of misery in his heartIt's time you found out, maybe," she thought to himTime you learned that you didn't learn everything on Roke!" As she harangued him thus in her mind, another image came into it: she saw near Ged one of the men who had stood waiting for her and Therru on that roadInvoluntarily she said, "Ged, be careful!"-fearing for him, for he did not carry even a stickIt was not the big fellow with hairy lips that she saw, but another of them, a youngish man with a leather cap, the one who had stared hard at TherruShe looked up to see the little cottage next to Fan's house, where she had lived when she lived hereBetween it and her a man was passingIt was the man she had been remembering, imagining, the man with a leather capHe was going past the cottage, past the weaver's house; he had not seen herShe watched him walk on up the village street without stoppingHe was going either to the turning of the hill road or to the mansion houseWithout pausing to think why, Tenar followed him at a distance until she saw which turn he tookHe went on up the hill to the domain of the Lord of Re Albi, not down the road that Ged had goneShe turned back then, and made her visit to old FanThough almost a recluse, like many weavers, Fan had been kind in his shy way to the Kargish girl, and vigilantHow many people, she thought, had protected her respectability! Now nearly blind, Fan had an apprentice who did most of the weavingHe was glad to have a visitorHe sat as if in state in an old carved chair under the object from which his use-name came: a very large painted fan, the treasure of his family-the gift, so the story went, of a generous sea-pirate to his grandfather for some speedy sail-making in time of needIt was displayed open on the wallThe delicately painted men and women in their gorgeous robes of rose and jade and azure, the towers and bridges and banners of Havnor Great Port, were all familiar to Tenar as soon as she saw the fan againVisitors to Re Albi were often brought to see itIt was the finest cheap nike dunk heels thing, all agreed, in the villageShe admired it, knowing it would please the old man, and because it was indeed very beautiful, and he said, "You've not seen much to equal that, in all your travels, eh?" "No, noNothing like it in Middle Valley at all," said sheWhen you was here, in my cottage, did I ever show you the other side of it?" "The other side? No," she said, and nothing would do then but he must get the fan down; only she had to climb up and do it, carefully untacking it, since he could not see well enough and could not climb up on the chairHe directed her anxiouslyShe laid it in his hands, and he peered with his dim eyes at it, half closed it to make sure the ribs played freely, then closed it all the way, turned it over, and handed it to herOpen it slow," he saidShe did soDragons moved as the folds of the fan movedPainted faint and fine on the yellowed silk, dragons of pale red, blue, green moved and grouped, as the figures on the other side were grouped, among clouds and mountain peaksHold it up to the light," said old FanShe did so, and saw the two sides, the two paintings, made one by the light flowing through the silk, so that the clouds and peaks were the towers of the city, and the men and women were winged, and the dragons looked with human eyesYou see?" "I see," she murmuredI can't, now, but it's in my mind's eyeI don't show many that'' "It is very wonderful "I meant to show it to the old mage," Fan said, "but with one thing and another I never did Tenar turned the fan once more before the light, then remounted it as it had been, the dragons hidden in darkness, the men and women walking in the light of day   Fan took her out next to see his pigs, a fine pair, fattening nicely towards autumn sausagesThey discussed Heather's shortcomings as a swill-carrierTenar told him that she fancied a scrap of cloth for a child's dress, and he was delighted, nike high heels for sale pulling out a full width of fine linen sheeting for her, while the young woman who was his apprentice, and who seemed to have taken up his unsociability as well as his craft, clacked away at the broad loom, steady and scowling Walking home, Tenar thought of Therru sitting at that loomIt would be a decent livingThe bulk of the work was dull, always the same over, but weaving was an honorable trade and in some hands a noble artAnd people expected weavers to be a bit shy, often to be unmarried, shut away at their work as they were; yet they were respectedAnd working indoors at a loom, Therru would not have to show her faceBut the claw hand? Could that hand throw the shuttle, warp the loom? And was she to hide all her life? But what was she to do? "Knowing what her life must beTenar set herself to think of something elseOf the dress she would makeLark's daughter's dresses were coarse homespun, plain as mudShe could dye half this width, yellow maybe, or with red madder from the marsh; and then a full apron or overdress of white, with a ruffle to itWas the child to be hidden at a loom in the dark and never have a ruffle to her skirt? And that would still leave enough for a shift, and a second apron if she cut out carefullyTherru!" she called as she approached the houseHeather and Therru had been in the broom-pasture when she leftShe called again, wanting to show Therru the material and tell her about the dressHeather came gawking around from the springhouse, hauling Sippy on a ropeWhere's Therru?" "With you," Heather replied so serenely that Tenar looked around for the child before she understood that Heather had no idea where she was and had simply stated what she wished to be trueWhere did you leave her?"   Heather had no ideaShe had never let nike high heels uk Tenar down before; she had seemed to understand that Therm had to be kept more or less in sight, like a goatBut maybe it was Therru all along who had understood that, and had kept herself in sight? So Tenar thought, as having no comprehensible guidance from Heather, she began to look and call for the child, receiving no responseShe kept away from the cliff's edge as long as she couldTheir first day there, she had explained to Therru that she must never go alone down the steep fields below the house or along the sheer edge north of it, because one-eyed vision cannot judge distance or depth with certaintyThe child had obeyedShe always obeyedBut children forgetBut she would not forgetBut she might get close to the edge without knowing itBut surely she had gone to Moss's houseThat was it-having been there alone, last night, she would go againThat was it, of course She was not thereMoss had not seen herI'll find her, I'll find her, dearie," she assured Tenar; but instead of going up the forest path to look for her as Tenar had hoped she would, Moss began to knot up her hair in preparation for casting a spell of finding  
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