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Like I said, I’m no shoe expert, but when I picked up a Free Run+ shoe in one hand and one of my Air Max+ shoes in the other the Free Run definitely felt lighter, but not that much lighter. I always thought the Air Max+ was pretty light to me, and the Free Run+ is definitely extremely far from heavy, but I guess I just expected something more noticeable? Compared to the Air Max the Free Run was so much more flexible, though. I never thought of my Air Max shoes as ‘stiff’ (although I didn’t really have anything to compare them to, so maybe they always have been), but when I flexed the Free Runs and the Air Max in my hands the difference was just ridiculous. Compared to the Free Run the Air Max felt like a stiff brick in my hands.    I went for a run in the Free Run+ tonight,Nike Huarache Free a couple of laps around the park (about 2km or so) and instantly noticed a difference in my running gait. I’ve been reading all about how the heel foot strike can be bad for the foot, less efficient, etc and tried running with a midfoot or forefoot strike in my Air Max+, but it just felt really unnatural to me – somehow my foot insisted on landing on the heel, it was like I just couldn’t work it down the right way. But when I started running in the Free Run+ the change was instant, it was a huge surprise! As soon as I took off I started naturally landing on my midfoot, and then when I tried to land on my forefoot it felt surprisingly ‘right’ and easy. I didn’t time myself or anything, but it also felt like my pace was faster than it normally is. I didn’t do a good job of controlling my speed at all, it just felt like my legs kept wanting to go faster. The pace I normally run at just felt off tonight, but like I said I didn’t time myself so it could have just been my perception.    For the first half a lap or so I felt a stretching type feeling in my achilles tendons, Nike 3.0 UK it eased off more and more as I kept going. I also straight away started feeling an aching pain in my calves, the kind that I usually feel the morning after a run as opposed to during one, but that also went away as I got further into the run. By the time I stopped there was no pain and there still isn’t. Right now there’s not a pain, but a slight almost-tingling/pressure type sensation in the balls of my feet in the forefoot. It’s like it’s barely there and it’s not a negative sensation, but I can feel it. I’ve never run very long distances (I used to run about 5km a day), so I’m not sure if I’ll feel anything in the morning.
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