The Danish design   As for wholesale furniture design, the most classic in the world should be Danish design. "Danish design" seems to be a special term featuring undoubtable authority , like Newton's law, and the Archimedes' principle.   The essence of Danish design is people-oriented. Such as a chair or a sofa design, Danish design not only pursues its beautiful shape, but pay more attention to the perfect combination of the curves and human body from the perspective of body structure. It breaks through the rigid concept of craft and technology, infusing people with subject consciousness and becoming full of reason. Clint, the father of Danish wholesale furniture design, is like a painter. In order to study the practical function of chairs, he will draw all kinds of human body sketches before design. He strives for perfection on the size proportion and gives full play to materials’ characteristics by using skills, thus creating beautiful handicraft.   Sweden modern wholesale furniture   European countries’ wholesale furniture all has their own design styles. As for Swedish style characteristic, it is elegant and fashionable. Sweden's fashionable style has made Mattson chair popular. This style trend named after  the designer Mattson once blew its popularity all over Southeast Asia. Wholesale cheapest  tablets products at which offer a wide range of the latest and quality China wholesale products.
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