Finally the path. Lane is often told high school students in learning English in my butt brother. English has always been his learning problems. He said he only understands, is the site broadcast NBA top ten balls in the old American Narrator of Bryant exaggerated interpretation. nba 2k16 mt for sale And then I tell him to weave his magic tells the story of Bryant getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning training. Let him know his idol, bad grades not because of stupidity, but not hard enough ... ... These fans around me, is just one of many different groups of honey in miniature. Their lives, not because love Kobe and beyond the ordinary, but because Kobe, and has its own wonderful in the ordinary.   United States journalist once said, I really do not understand why, Bryant is so popular in your country. I know, there has never been a great player, people love so crazy like him, hate so completely. Kobe Bryant is a controversial star. He was honey, he was black. 08 Olympic Games, I met a foreign reporter in SanLiTun for dinner, he told me privately, Shaq in NBA circles is very popular, but Bryant's reputation is a lot worse. His attitude toward Los Angeles media with very different attitudes toward New York media. With that, the experienced forget glowed scoffed at.   But I believe, and honey, his men loved him, no one will really hate Kobe. At least no one to hate Kobe Bryant on the Court. Counting those popular nicknames and jokes on the Internet. "Snail shell", "chat", "dog", "biyikenan", "I put Kobe you Conan" ... ... At this point, Kobe only became a popular entertainment providers outside the stadium. Who let his red too! Buy Now  
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