tell us about the apartment hunt. that process is much different in nyc than in other cities!did you have any wish list items that were a must?luckily, we didn't experience the dreaded nyc apartment hunt that many people do with our current place. our friends lived in the building before us, ****** which was conveniently located next to myboyfriend'sold office and walking distance from fit. when deciding to take a new position or move to a new company, how do you know if it's the right fit? tell us about the motivating factors behind the desire for change and the job search process.i always trust my gut, particularly when it comes to people. ito get wrapped up in the idea of a company, but if you bit like things could go either way. they could stay together or they could break up. que sera, sera.?how he felt in the present, though, was seemingly stagnant. you left your home golden goose sale in qingdao, china in order to pursue your master's at fit in new york. was leaving home to pursue your passion an easy choice?it was definitely a very tough decision because i am super close to my parents and i am their only child. but they have always been supportive and encouraged me to pursue what i love. what have been the biggest hard for me to put myself out there for promotions. marketing has been the hardest challenge. my natural inclination is to just sit in a corner and make cute things just for the reality of running a business hitsme. recently you were promoted to program assistant, congratulations! how does your current role differ from your previous?the easiest way i can think to describe the difference in positions would be to compare it to the front and back of the house at a restaurant. i no longer interface with the travelers, now focus my is on assisting in the proposing, planning, and preparation.after ! how much downtime do you have outside of work?i have been fortunate enough to travel as a company representative to cuba, switzerland, and italy in my two years with ata.
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