After washing, Scuba Fabric consumers should place the garment carefully on a drying rack, preferably flat as compared to hanging. How to Buy Rayon and Washing Supplies on eBay Clothing made from rayon and other rayon textiles are available on eBay. To find them, a consumer only needs to type "rayon" or "rayon clothing" in the search bar that is located on every eBay page. Rayon fabrics for seamstresses are also available for purchase on eBay, as are the mild detergents that are best suitable for washing this delicate fabric. For consumers, drying racks and trays such as those found on eBay by searching "drying rack" make the air drying process even easier. Conclusion Rayon is a versatile fiber that adds comfort to many textiles, but it is challenging to wash and dry. Consumers must check the care tags to determine whether the fabric is derived from viscose rayon or high-wet-rayon, which dramatically affects how the consumer should care for the garment. When the item is made from high-wet-rayon, it can withstand gentle washing with a mild detergent and air-drying instead knittingfabric of dry-cleaning.
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