Young, the wild-child drummer of the band fronted by Gwen Stefani, has loved the game of golf since he was a teenager. In fact, golf came before drums. "I started playing golf with the best golf clubs for sale online as a high school freshman and playing drums as a junior," said the 43-year-old Young, born in Long Beach, Calif. "I've only gotten better in recent years." Young is being modest when he says he doesn't have the skills to turn pro. As a high school graduate, he had a 10 handicap. Today it's 0. "I'd have to work on it a little more too really compete," said Young, who have played in a few celebrity events with the fabulous golf clubs for sale online. "I'd love to be out there and compete on a mini-tour or something. I'd need to dig in week in and week out to stay consistent." During the long break of No Doubt -- roughly 2001 to 2009 -- Young got really good at the game with the golf clubs for sale online. But he says right now the focus is the band and the new album. "Around 2009, we reunited and started touring again and we began writing new material," Young said. "When we mixed new songs with older songs on stage it's all started to come together. And when we got in the studio, it all fell into place." And that's "Push and Shove," the band's sixth studio album. It already has spawned a hit single in "Settle Down," and the next song, "Looking Hot," is starting to get airplay.
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