fruit juice wpc flooring when using the matters needing attention in the use of juicer must be in strict accordance with the juicer usage rules for the operation, do not use attached items in use process will propel of food machine, such as stick, fingers of avoid by all means, in the process of the machine motor rotation don't open the machine cover.Above is house small make up for juicer to introduce the use method and matters needing attention, hope to help you. If you want to know more information about juicer, please continue to focus on house decoration.How to make a soybean milk machine juice? containing a large number of fruit juice or fruit is more suitable for fruit juice, particularly those containing large amounts of fruit juice, like watermelon, grapes, apples, etc., but after playing juice pomace, playing with large amounts of fruit juice is different also.Slag containing plenty of fruit juice fruit fruit: watermelon fruit pomace, such as not many, so can directly into the soybean milk machine inside broken, directly to the container can be get a glass of juice juice, can also be on the rocks, soda water to drink.Contains a large number of pomace fruit juice: apples, pears and other fruits, although more than fruit juice but there will be plenty of pomace, can beat put apple in the soybean milk machine, after the break, pomace and juice mixed together, Cheap Price Wpc Fence,Corrosion Resistant Outdoor Deck Suppliers deck composite flower boxs wholesale in uk decking boards on sale in canada marine wood plastic roofing malaysia
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