Golf putting is a kind of an art, not every golfer can putt perfectly. If you work you're putting techniques more than you work with your golf swing, you will start save strokes. Golf putting is a matter of feeling. What do you feel? Golf putting is 43% of the golf game. So why don't you work more with your putt? Putting is a lot about feeling, but there is also technique involve, about the feeling you have the distance of the stroke with callaway diablo edge irons , is it a downhill, or a up hill putt , reading how the green is bending and the grain in the green. Grain on the green should expect resistance, therefore a fewer feet distance and the ball will stop. Putting the ball with the grain there is less resistance, and the ball will roll faster. About the techniques there is servile different way's of golf putting technique, and the main thing is to keep the putter head square to the hole in impact and keep your eyes focus on the ball true the swing. All these components are important, and when done properly, they become integrated into one "feel". Putting is one of the most important parts of golf. Don't worry about trying to read the green until you have become good with pace of the ball. Golf putting can be a big frustrating of a golfers game. If he has a good golf putting ability, he can finish ´he's game well. Golf putting with diablo edge irons is just a series of individual skills like pitching and chipping but until you get the skills in place, putting can be a very frustrating. Putting is a game in the play, one that only some golfer's truly is good at. It's where five feet can feel like 200 yards and good days and bad days are separated by 5-15 strokes. Putting is special. It's more sensory, tactile, than any other stroke in golf. It's about feel, stroke, speed and distance. Putting is more than just straight line; it is a serious part of feel and technique. Putting can create more problems for you than good is.
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